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    to All things Jay Martinez. Feel free to explore below to learn about Jay's Methods, personal goals, training, and accomplishments that has resulted in Jay becoming one of the most sought after Online coaches in the industry.


    Jay has been a professional personal trainer for over 10 years with a ravenous appetite for research in all aspects of human performance. His focus is helping people of all ages, conditions, and starting points to achieve LIFESTYLE FITNESS through his fully customized coaching fitness and nutrition plans with the majority of his business practice on functional strength training, nutrition, supplementation, and contest preparation.


    Jay’s success of 7 years experience in the Fitness Industry has been mostly in part by his attitude to tackle personal training and nutrition with every bit of energy he had.

    “I set ONE Primary Goal… to be the best in the industry, produce lasting results, and help people achieve the health they always dreamed of having.”

    He believes being a professional trainer has improved not only himself as a person but also it has made him better at consolidation skills, advanced planning of client programs such as exercises, and nutrition that that will complement each other in eliciting faster results both for muscle gain, fat loss, and endurance.

    “I attempt to perform the task of a coach with maximum efficiency. Communication skills in personal training is one of, if not the most important abilities you have to learn. Proper communication will constantly bring about great interaction between the client and myself. Being able to convey what we’re trying to accomplish, whether it be mind muscle connection, speed of rep, or angle, help give a mental image and vision of what we’re trying to accomplish.”


    Fitness is everything to Jay. He believes all things are possible when you make your health and fitness your 1st priority.

    “In today’s fast paced world we all have a bit of the shinny silver spoon syndrome. Constantly surrounded by the newest and greatest gadget or the most tempting fast or junk foods, often times lured by the convenience they offer. With media, it’s often the ways in which we get our information, or misinformation in the Health Industry.”

    Often times we are blasted with a new celebrity diet plan, magic food pill, or pharmaceutical supplement that will provide us with “miracle weight loss.” This blurs the lines between what is real, healthy, or even damaging to us in the long term. We are surrounded by information, but many people lack the applicability, and motivation to make use of that information. “Education is the key”

    By investing in a personal trainer, much as a person would a general practitioner Doctor, you are investing in something you won’t regret. What Jay can teach you will PAY OFF MASSIVELY in the LONG RUN. Making you healthy, educated, and proactive in life saving you thousands of dollars in medical issues and medication over the coarse of your lifetime.

    As Jay often quotes, “It’s far better to pay the fee, than pay the fine later.”

    If you are looking for “the Easy Pill”, well we have news for you… THERE ISN’T ONE. Being healthy, working out, and staying in shape and condition will become an an integral part of your life in such a personal way. It gives purpose, a measuring gauge to hold yourself to. But also in our most trying times, allows us a personal outlet to help keep us STAY grounded and solid when things seem to be going wrong.

    Spreading knowledge to the world, for those who are listening is the ultimate hope, and Jay’s contribution to helping people make their lives a healthier place through his experience, knowledge, and passion.


    Jay’s current goals include becoming a foremost expert in the field of Fitness and keeping himself healthy, knowledgeable, and viable to the world he lives in. Making use all of the tools available to spreading that message by being the walking example to help others and hopefully be a role model to those needing direction.

    This website is but one of those tools to help bring those values and vitality to people all over the world. Jay welcomes you to his site and hopes you happiness, health, and fitness in both mind and body. Welcome to Lifestyle fitness.

    “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”
    -Jay Martinez

    Why Online Training? In most things in life we need education, guidance, and direction to be successful. Both Professionally and personally, things are more achievable when you have qualified coach to guide you and help you with the things that seem difficult, guidance of some great coaches along the way.