I was recommended to Jay Martinez in 2017 by one of his now IFBB Figure pros Kelsey Haas when I decided to compete again in my 5th NPC Bikini competition. We had a set an appointment to meet to discuss to my diet, training routine and my goals. From that moment I knew he was going to be the perfect coach for me. His upbeat personality is what motivated me to push myself to be the best that I can be and always wanting more. I send him weekly progress pics and weight every Saturday morning. I received a response either that same day or the next day. He would make any adjustments necessary to my diet or training based on my progress pictures.

During this time, I was wanting to do an 8 week prep and you have to remember an 8 week prep is not normal. In order to have the best prep you need 12 to 14 weeks he said which I knew but we both were up for the challenge. From day 1 he was up front with me telling me that I was going to have to work hard for it. That is what I love about him, he is always honest. If he feels you are not where you need to be he will tell you.

He had me posing, warming up, telling me what to eat and he never left my side until I stepped on stage.

With his help and support I was able to complete an 8 week prep and place 2nd in Bikini Class E at the 2017 Branch Warren Classic. The experience back stage was one that I had never experienced before. He was back there with me from the moment I got there until the very end. He had me posing, warming up, telling me what to eat and he never left my side until I stepped on stage. While I was on stage all I could hear was Jay yelling at me to switch my front pose to #2 or #3 to help me stand out from the other competitors. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had with a coach. Walking off stage he was right there to meet me with up upbeat personality and tell me his opinion which is awesome.

Jay has been in the industry for a long time and he knows what the judges are looking for. He is definitely passionate about what he does and wants you to look great on stage. Trust the process!!