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    Weight Loss


    Weight-loss challenges?

    Science now shows what many of us have long suspected: after losing weight, your body tries to put it back on.

    For up to 12 months after weight loss, your body turns up the signals that trigger appetite, which can potentially cause overeating. Healthy eating and physical activity are important, but may not be enough.

    Weight loss changes the way the body deals with hunger and how it burns calories. After weight loss, your metabolism actually slows down, hunger increases, and fullness decreases. No wonder it can be such a challenge to maintain your weight.

    What are factors that affect weight management in people with obesity?

    After weight loss, the body keeps trying to regain the weight for at least 12 months.

    Knowing that these changes can last so long is news to many people. This information is changing how the medical community approaches weight loss and weight management. Now we know that it is not only about weight loss, but it’s also about managing the disease of obesity over time.

    That’s why now is a great time to start a new conversation with your health care professional about your weight.

    Why is it best?

    • Makes the body slenderer and the figure more beautiful
    • Effectively reduces cellulite problems
    • Cleanses the body of waste substances and repairs blood and lymphatic circulation
    • Makes the skin smoother, more elastic, softer and revitalises dry skin
    • Reduces muscular and joint pains